After the Fight

I heard Van yell, “Hey get off her.” I looked up, and through the players milling around, I spotted him rushing down the hall. I shoved my helmet into the space above my locker and took off after him.

Van was facing down Riley, our team captain. “Come on guys,” I said, “we had a win…” Then I noticed Gail standing between the two guys. “Wha?” I started.

Later, I told the coach that Riley threw the first punch. Riley was blaming Van, and Van was blaming Riley. The coach went into to his second favorite rant. “You boys are into something far greater than individuallty….” In the end the coach made the two shake hands, and sent them out separate doors.

I was waiting for Van down the hall from the coaches office.
He had that twisted grin on his face, “Hey, where were you, backup?”

“You didn’t need any help. Were you two really fighting over Gail?” I asked.

Van glanced over at me, and said, “Riley’s an asshole.”

“I’ll give you that, but what was going on?”

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