who knoes

The plane was going down.
“Davey! What’s going on?!?!” I cried hysterically. “It’s all right Kiersten, we’re just…” he stumbled for the right cover-up, “just taking a little detour that’s all,” he finished. He was always a bad liar.
The answer showed in his hazel eyes, the glow of life had been stricken from their prescence, and now they were a mere dull brown. It couldn’t be over, there had to be a mistake. How could it all end just like that? “Davey…” I started. I was crying now, there was so much they had planned. I followed his eyes to the one and only parachute left. I knew what he was thinking. “Davey…” I started but he wouldn’t let me finish. “Kiersten you have to,” he said, “you deserve this much more than I do. “No, we’re in this together.” But he woudn’t listen. He grabbed up the parachute off the floor, and thrust it over my shoulders. I just sat there and watched. He held me in his arms for a brief second and whispered, “at least it was beautiful.”

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