Lunch was always a problem. Recently I had decided to stay in the library, and save lunch for home. It was cowardly of me. But, considering this morning’s events, I decided eating with other homosapians would do me some good.

Besides, Angela’s been asking you for eons. It’s about time you showed up.

I frowned at the invisible voice inside of me.

I stalked into the cafeteria, looking ahead at the tall brunette that was waving me down. I won’t look at anything else, I promised myself. I didn’t want to take the risk.

Angela was grinning as I plopped my tray down. I smiled. It was nice to see a happy face, even if Angela was horribly naive. Who could be happy in the real world?

“So, what made you decide to join us?”

I looked up, surprised. Jennie stared coldly at me from across the table. I looked down quickly.

“Jennie!” Angela looked astounded. I wasn’t. She looked over at me. “She didn’t mean it.” Then, to Jennie: “Right?”

“Right.” Jennie answered snidely. Angela didn’t seem to notice.

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