Just Throw Them Away

“I’ll take it she was lonely.” Jennie said confidently to Angela. Then, to me again: “Why are you so lonely, Hart?”

I seethed at her, my breath coming short. “Why don’t you just-”

“Guys…” Angela said quietly. I stopped. Jennie might be a jerk, but Angela was still my friend. “Stop fighting. Please.”

“Who’s fighting?” Jennie put a hand on her chest in fake shock.

Silence, then she started up again.

“So, really, Hart, why? Want me to bash some heads in? Maybe… I don’t know… Alicia’s? Or possibly you’re little boyfr-”

“Shut up! Just shut up!” I pushed my chair away from the table, standing up, pointing a rigid finger at Jennie. I felt people’s eyes on my back. I breathed heavily.

“Kayley? Sit down, honey. Come on.” Angela pulled me down, playing the motherly figure. I seethed. Who was she to let Jennie act this way, and then act better than me?

“You know what?” I stood up again, resisting her efforts. “I don’t need either of you.” I took my food and headed for the trashcan, and the awaiting door.

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