A Ride to The Prom

I shook my head, parents don’t have a clue. Back in my room, I went through my jeans, then looked around the room.
Where was my cell phone I needed to call my date, to tell her I was running late. “Mom!, you seen my cell?”

“Your what?”

“My cell phone.”

“Well, whatever it is I haven’t seen it.” she said.

I heard the familiar four beeps, from Denny’s car out front.
What’s he doing here I wondered. We were going to take separate cars. I went to the front door. “Wow!” I said aloud.
Denny was sitting in a cherry 50 Mercury. I walked out to his car. “Very sweet, brother. Where did you get the wheels?”

Denny rolled his eyes, “I do wash it once in awhile. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, but I thought we were taking separate cars.” I said.

“You’re kiddin’, right? You want to take your dad’s Fairlane?”

“Hell no, I’m taking the Vette.”

“What Vette,” Denny asked.

“This Vette,” I said, walking to the garage. I looked for the hidden button to open the door. There was none.

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