I was about to walk down the hall when I heard voices. I stood at the corner, listening to the conversation between Van and Matt.

“Well, what happened was,” Van began, “Riley and some guys were ganging up on Gail.â€?

“That’s it?â€? Matt asked. He sounded oddly disoriented.

“Yeah, that’s it. Why do you care anyway? I thought you were done with her.â€?

“I’m not sure anymore, man. But in the locker room it sounded like you liked her. Do you like her or not?â€?

Van bit his lip and hesitated for a long moment. “It’s not like that.â€? he finally said. “She was … in shit with Riley.â€?

“What makes you think she wanted you to help her?!â€? Matt suddenly snapped, his eyes furious.

“Man. You’re in deep. Riley and the guys were holding her down on the damn wall, I had to do something. Shit! Calm down, if you still like her …â€?

“Not sure.â€?

I rubbed my head in distress. This was getting out of hand. Then again, I was always best at eavesdropping. That’s how I found out about my dad’s job. But still, Van liking me?

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