Fault in the Choice

As soon as my foot hit the ground the entire scene changes. What I saw as lush green fields and striking blue skies suddenly turned to a dark, winding road. Hills lay before me and on all sides are trees back dropped by trees back dropped by fields of bleak corn that I can barely make out through the shadowed branches. Beneath my feet I feel the uneven tension of an unpaved road.
Seeing no other present choice, I begin to walk the desolate road I have put myself on. What I saw off the porch was perfect, and yet I find myself in a position so miserable. All that I thought I was joining, I left behind with a single step.
In the distance, I hear thunder. Or maybe its just my mind. Yelling at me for ever leaving my blue-eyed angel. Cursing me for parting with everything I thought I would ever want.
Another crack of thunder, and this time I saw the lightning first. Now I am sure of it. If this road is to lead anywhere alleviating, the trip is going to be painful.

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