Picking Up Marilyn

I stood looking at a solid wall where there was a button to raise the garage door. A grip was in the middle of the door. I grabbed it and swung the door up. An old Ford was there, but next to it was… a covered pool table.
Where was my car? What the hell was happening to me?

“Come on, Gary. I gotta pickup Marilyn before we get Demi.” In a daze, I climbed into Denny’s car. Could I be having a stroke?

Denny talked nonstop to Marilyn’s house, but I never heard a word. I was worried that I was going crazy. The cars around us were all old cars. The billboards we passed were advertising cigarettes. One billboard said, ‘For a treat instead of a treatment, smoke Old Golds’.

We pulled to the curb, and Denny got out. I asked, “Denny, where are you going?”

“Where do you think. To get Marilyn.”
“Just honk your horn, she’ll come out.”
“Dream on,” Denny said, walking to her door.
It was then I noticed that Denny was wearing a solid pink suit.

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