The Only Way

I was stuck.

I couldn’t just flounce up to him and give him a note from his mother. No way. Maybe if I asked someone else to do it…

Of course! Angela will tell him for me. She’s always been-


Lunch kinda ruined that option, didn’t it?

No way was I asking Jennie. I never wanted to see to her again, much less ask her for a favor.

Who else knew me? Who else would tell him?

My little voice answered that one.

No one.

Thanks, voice. Thanks a lot. I’ll remember that comment in the future.

But it was true. Who had always been my best (and only) friend before the event? Angela. We had already established she was out of the question.

I used to hang out with some people that were his friends, but no way could I talk to them. They hadn’t seen me in weeks.

I racked my brain for an answer, but none came.

My little voice added it’s opinion again.

Who’s always nice to you? Who’s close to Everett?

I flinched at his name.

Suddenly I understood.

No. Nuh uh. No way was I asking her.

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