Instinctively when Bram saw the rain from a window in his little cabin, he grabbed the umbrella to go for a walk. Theres nothing like walking the rain, its almost like a ritual as the earth is being cleansed and nutured.
Nature’s soundtrack, he thought as he walked up the familiar path in the woods. He wished he could share this with someone, someone who would understand his passion for the rain in all its splendor.

The first thing Marie did when she saw the rain from her studio apartment in the city was let her hair down, put on a hoodie with the hood down, and jump outside. Umbrellas are for pussies, she thought as she skipped through a puddle in the sidewalk cement. The rain is her excuse to act younger then she is and in her opinion, enjoy life much more. She wished she could share the rain with someone who could understand the power, smell, and sound of the rain.

All you need is a little magick from the rain to bring two hearts together…

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