Rain in the Heart

The thunder is getting close, and the road ahead is as unwelcoming as when I started. A flash of lightning startles me and rain begins to fall as thunder crashes directly overhead. The rain, however, feels nothing like it should. Neither damp nor cold. Instead, it puts feelings in me. With each drop, my sadness grows. Each drip pulling more pain from deep inside of me into my most sentimental portion. As my clothes slowly heavy with the increasing weight of the water, so does my heart begin to weigh down in me with the increasing pressure of these pains.
Falling to my knees, my tears blending with rain, I begin to scream. The pain has taken me over and begins to force its way out. The shouts, however, go nowhere and are heard by no one.
Another strike of lightning and crash of thunder further off. Looking up, I realize that the rain is slowing down. With light returning, I see down the road once again. Not too far ahead, I see a figure. Though just an outline of a stranger, my heart races as I sprint after.

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