Confessions of a Teenage Star: Chapter 11

I woke up the next morning. Rain had stopped flooding the park, and Mat was still sleeping on his side. I stood up and looking down. No one was in the park. It was completely empty. I shook Matt until he rolled over and yawned, “What?” he muttered.

“Matt, we fell asleep. Hurry up before someone finds us up here.”

He turned around and I saw his big mess of hair. I grabbed my pocketbook and began climbing down. Matt followed. When we got to the ground I tousseled my hair, which was a bad idea since it lookedl ike a mess already. My bra strap was hanging down and was visible under my t-shirt sleeve.

“Thank God no one’s here.” I said. A flash went off. Then another.

Pretty soon a whole swarm of paparazzi came out of the bushes, getting pictures of Matt and I looking like we had just had a “fun time” in that treehouse.

“I can see the headline now. ‘America’s Sweetheart Caught after a Not So Innocent Act. What do Mom and Dad Think Of Her Man?’”

“Shit!” I cried. I was in trouble….again.

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