If Looks Could Kill...I'd be in jail already...(golden silence challenge)

So I’m sitting there, in class, and I know that I’m on the verge of being a Jedi Master. I keep concentrating on the gross squiggly vein on my teacher’s forehead. I know I’m just a cell wall away from giving this guy an aneurysm. I try focusing even harder. Sweat forms on my brow, and this guy is still talking, he’s not even mildly dead.

“blahBLQAH BLUHBLAPLABLBujblla bla-any questions?”
I am an atheist , but at moments like these I still pray. God please, strike down anyone that talks.Kill them painfully.

From the front row some butt plug feels the need to destroy that beautiful silent moment that would have led to the whole rooms' freedom.

“Smartyfartyblaadddyyy blah blah ,do you like your ass kissed?” sez our learned colleague in the front row.
“Yes, I love having my ass kissed! What an interesting BLABLABLA _DEEBLAh…”the teacher replies.

In my mind I rage at them all for encroaching on the quiet. In my head they are bloody lumps that are finally still…and more importantly , they are all silent.

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