Universal Meaning [Your Biggest Goal Challenge]

My goal is something quite akin to Momiji-chan’s, actually.

I’m not adept at poetry, but I certainly adore writing.

I know I’d go bananas if I didn’t have anywhere to put all these ideas of mine.

They’d be bouncing about my head like little deranged ping pong balls and I wouldn’t have an outlet for them.

Anyway, getting back on track…

What I want to do is publish a book.

Yes, a meager goal, I know.

But I don’t want it to be just any book.

I want that book to be the work of my life.

I’d like it to have the significance that Lord of the Rings had to Professor Tolkien.

I want it to reach people’s hearts, to make them realize something they’d never thought of before – to make them feel like they belong.

Gosh, that’s a lot to accomplish in a book, huh?

I believe that literature can be comprehended in many ways, and on very many different levels.

I’d like it to have a meaning for everyone.

And if that meaning would be ‘hate’, then so be it.

That’d mean I triggered something, right?

: )

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