He Needs More Than Vitamin D

Barry stood on the window ledge of the twenty first floor.

“Look, I just need some real sunlight—vitamin D, you know?”


“Just give me a few minutes! I’m on my break, alright? I’m not jumping or anything. I just need some air”


“I’m turning green from the fluorescents. I just need some light. I can’t go down to the street. The sun doesn’t shine down there. And I’m entitled to a 15 minute break by law. The longer you talk to me, the longer I’ll be out here.”


“God! Enough! I come to work before the sun rises. I leave after the sun sets. I spend my entire useful life in this building. I just need real, honest-to-god, unfiltered sunlight. Just for a few minutes! So fuck off while I take my break, mkay?”


“I swear to God, if you say my name one more time, I will jump.”

“B… Um, I… I just wanted you to close the window. The breeze… It’s bad for my asthma. A-and I just finished typing all these TPS reports. I don’t want them blown all over my cube.”


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