The Book of the World: The Beginning: Part One

Once long ago, there was only Za, and Za was bored. So out of Zaself, Za made the world. Za filled it with rivers and streams and mountains. Za filled it with valleys and plateaus. Za even filled it with limited edition Star Wars action figures! But something was missing. Za thought long and hard about what Za was missing before Za figured it out. Za was missing companionship!

So out of the limited edition Star Wars action figures Za created the geek. They were the species from which all other species were based on. But Za had a problem.

Za’s first two geeks, Pwnzor and xxxFoxyLadyxxx, did not mate. It was from that problem that Za created the jocks. The jocks were never designed to become above the geeks. It just happened that way. The jocks were more likely to reproduce than the geeks, who just sat around playing WoW all day,(which was pretty lame back then with only two players, but I degress).

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