Cop asking Questions

Van nodded beyond me and said, “Oh, looks who’s coming.”

I turned around in time to face Cerri. “Hiiii, Matt. You gonna give a girl a ride home?”

“Sure will,” I said

“Helloo, Cerri,” Van said.

“Oh, hi, Van,” she said, without taking her eyes off me. “I just saw something interesting,” she continued, “The police are in the office asking about Gail Petterson, and they didn’t look happy. She’s the new transfer isn’t she?”

I glanced at Van, he had suddenly gone pale.

Van said, “Did you hear what they were talking about?”

“Nope,” she said. She put her hand on my arm, winked and said,” I’ll meet you at your car after the bell.”

We watched her walk away. Van said, “What a great body wasted on an airhead.”

I shoved him. “You’re just jealous.”

Van sobered. “What do you think the cops want with Gail?”

“I have no idea, but she has been acting kinda strange,” I said.

Van glanced at his watch. “I’ll take a detour past the office and see if I can learn anything.”

“Later,” I said.

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