Lugosi and the 666 Pencil [500 ficlets Challenge]

I sat before my writing table, it was after midnight, the house was quiet, my favorite time to draw. It was a halloween night.

In a magazine that heralded actors that did monster films, I ran across the picture of Bella Lugosi. What an interesting face. He could be your next door neighbor and you wouldn’t give him a second thought, but once he got into costume and make-up, wow.

I bent over my table and began to draw. The only light in the room was the lamp illuminating the white paper and my number 666 General’s Ebony pencil, as I outlined the face of the long dead Lugosi.

I could picture him in his ghostly castle, the fog heavy in the trees, the shadows constantly shifting. Suddenly I sat erect. Did I hear laughter? I strained to listen.


I returned my attention to my drawing, but then I heard it again. I abruptly stood and turned around. Looming in the darkness was an open mouth, teeth gleaming. Then it was gone. Did I really see that, or had I dozed off? To this day I don’t know.

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