Eros and Psyche 5 - the Deception

At daybreak the next day, Psyche’s sisters came to the hill where Psyche had “disappeared” to properly mourn. They barely noticed when Zephyr the West Wind transported them down to Eros’s valley until the heels of their golden sandals touched the grass.
Psyche came running out to greet them. When she managed to convince her incredulous sisters that she was not a ghost and the beautiful palace did exist, she led them inside, showing them proudly around her new home.
With each step the sisters’ black hearts filled with jealousy, until they concocted a plan to make Psyche doubt her good fortune. While they were being treated to dinner by the invisible servants, the elder one asked, “So what does your husband do, little sister?”
Psyche resonded robotically. “He’s a hunter. He’s away on a trip right now.”
“Is he handsome?” the other one asked curiously, menacingly.
Psyche stuttered for a split second, then quickly resonded, “Of course,” but it was enough for her sisters. They eyed each other evily.

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