Eros and Psyche 10 - the First Trial

With a shower of pink dust, a shimmer of lavender and the scent of rose, there she was. Aphrodite, in all her brilliance.
“What was it you wanted, child?” she asked with mock sweetness.

“I want to see Eros,” trembled Psyche.
“Well, I’m afraid that’s not possible. But, if you really wan to, I must be sure of your values.” She snapped her fingers prettily. I know. I have a few…chores…to do. Would you do them for me?”

Not knowing what else to do, Psyche nodded. Aphrodite winked, and suddenly they were in a dark room. A pile of seeds, at least five feet tall, sat in the middle. “Sort these for me, please, dear,” Aphrodite said politely, then swaggered into an adjoining room that resembled a lounge, secented with lavendar. Before slamming the door, she leaned her head out again. “Oh, and have that done by midnight, please.”

Psyche kneeled slowly, taking in the seeds. Then she hung her head, hugged her knees and cried into her hands. She was sure she heard Aphrodite laughing in the next room.

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