Blessed Gesture

Henry reappeared a little while later, consulting some of his lackeys. He threw me a sardonic glance now and then.
What was he saying? What had happened to Ezra? Did anything happen to Paulie?
I would’ve started screaming at Henry, but my gag was too tight.
I was powerless; I knew it, and Henry knew it.
His advisors preceded him out the door. Casting another look to me, he turned to leave, but hesitated. Slowly, he came back to me.
What is he doing?
He ignored my quizzical eyes, reaching behind my head and in a few quick movements let the cloth gag fall to the floor.
I was stunned. I would’ve uttered a surprised thank-you, but he put a finger to his lips, turned on heel, and briskly strode out.
I was in mild shock, but it didn’t linger for long. A ceiling panel dropped suddenly to the floor, a dark, rather tattered shape landing on top of it seconds after.

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