Back Way Out

I grinned as I dropped, cat-like, to the floor.
“Wouldja believe it?â€? I griped, “The Secretists have every last street corner bugged, and their own headquarter air vents are completely open! What’s wrong with that?!â€? I whispered, mocking indignation.
“But… bu-but h-how…?â€? she stuttered. I held my hand up.
“Long story, I’ll explain later. C’mon, let’s get you out of this thing!â€? I picked the elbow cuff’s lock, which sprung the rest open. Lily tumbled into my arms.
“Hey! Easy!â€? I playfully protested. “C’mon, let’s find Ezra. I know a back way out.â€?
I felt behind one of the wall panels, quickly finding the opening to a hidden stairwell.
I grabbed her hand, and we began our clandestine desent.
Halfway down the second flight, we rounded a corner, and we nearly ran into the Premire hurrying in the opposite direction.
His face, once completely complacent, contorted into fear. Curious, I slowly turned to see Lily with a revolver trained on his chest.
She did not look like she wanted to be crossed.

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