What's that smell? ...Success Baby...The Sweetest Stink Challenge results

O.k. so this was nearly impossible to judge, but I am a genius and can do ANYTHING , and judging this contest is surely proof of that. Honestly , the overall quality on these was sooooo freaking high, that it was nearly impossible to pick a standout. That being sed I’ve got four prizes :

1 Funniest Fart Ficlet(Ever in the History of Fart Ficlets)- That would be ALRO613 , Sunday Night Stinkball….just awesome.

2 The got me where I live Award , for ficlet that specifically appealed to my taste for late night debauchery Never Explain, Baltimore Bars( this totally conjured a really vivid sense memories of my own night crawling past)

3The totally What the Hell taking it to a spooky extreme and serving up a vibrant narrative that totally took you there-White Hat,The Wonders They Hath Wrought; Mistress Elsha Hawk,Bleach; Ana Christina, Ammonia, Iodine, Dust, and Death …These all freaking rocked…aThis was so hard to decide

4 Overall Winner Mighty Jo Young(who stood out by not submitting anything at all)

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