The New Ship

As the ship neared, the Quartermaster made note of the Jolly Roger atop the mast of the ship. More Pirates, he thought, blast. The cannons continued to fire. Meanwhile, the serpent was trying to defend its self without getting hit with the cannon. It was actually going quite well for the ugly beast.
The Quartermaster knew what had to be done and thought about a good plan as he began to hum nervously, once again. Explosives. Ay, that’s the key. He looked around, took in his crew finishing up the dorry skiffs, the bagpiper with them, and Bloody Jenny with the powder keg ready to go.
The frigate began to shake, and Bloody Jenny struggled to restrain herself from screaming, until it stopped abruptly. What the bloody devil is goin’ on?

The New ship at this point wasn’t more then 150 yards away. The serpents submerged in between the ship and frigate, while the Quartermaster was hoping the newcomers would be willing to work with them… and not against them…

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