Running From The Truth

The officer looked about twenty as he wrote in his small pad. “It’s Gail, right?â€? he asked and I nodded. “Are you aware that your father is breaking several laws?â€?

I looked at him for the longest minute and said, “No.â€? in my sweetest voice. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.â€? I looked over his shoulder, focusing on the fake plant in the corner.

Suddenly, someone walked up. They were outside of the office but I could see them through the glass. Whoever it was, was staring at me. Was that … Van?

I mouthed his name and the officer looked at me strangely. “I’m sorry. I have to get to class.â€? I mumbled.

“You’ve been excused from class. Are you aware that your father could go to jail and you could go to foster care because of what he’s doing?â€?

“Sorry.â€? I mumbled, running from the office, running from the truth. I started to run past Van but he gripped my arm.

“Gail, are you okay?â€? he asked.

“I’m fine!â€? I yelled at him and he dropped his arm like lightning had just hit.

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