“What does that even mean?” I asked the woman.

“Technology has advanced.. it’s not completely absurd to think that it’s possible..”

“Brain control,” the man summed up for her.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am.” The woman looked serious enough.

Brain control? First of all, who would even need to control someone? And why?”

“Why? Well, you can think of tons of reasons for why. The real question is who.”

“Why would they do this to you?”

“You remember the scene outside of the building I told you about?”

I nodded.

“I looked it up, and a murder had taken place in the same building, same time.”

“So you’re saying, if this is correct, that they made you murder someone?”

“Look, I had no control! Do you think I wanted to do this? Do you think that I would want to kill people?” She took a deep breath. “Listen up: You were on the bus. They were going to do this to you too.”

“How do you know-” I started.

“Handcuffs.” She stared down at my wrists. “You’re wearing handcuffs.”

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