You can never know what life’s true meaning is, until it is gone in the end.
I was never really curious enough to search into my soul to find out myself.

Well for what it is worth, I had wasted many days and nights regretting upon the past. Never cherishing what I had in the world.

I spent many days riding with my horse, among the deserted towns that lay upon the earth’s soil. Once across a town you weren’t given much to see. Sure they had bin your typical stalled up vehicles and other objects scattered among the road and side walk, but in my taste they were never really interesting to see in the very first place.

I had spent a night in Wyoming, a small place up north. The place was left as if no one left at all, appliance were still plugged in, cars still had its keys in the ingestion, restaurants stoves still left on high, food rotting on the hot plates. The town left a forever impression on me for as long as I live.

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