New Born

There we sat, watching as kids played and screamed while swinging on the jungle set.

You looked at me with a stare, you held your stomach.

I was clueless at first.

Then I finally realized a new born was on its way.

I just sat there looking far into the distance.

I quickly snapped out of it; I wish I could have said something.

But I know emotions always show more then a single word could.

There I was on that bench 10 years later. Starring in the distant; watching Sara playing on the jungle set.

A tear came rushing down my cheek.

How time has changed in so many ways.

How I will never be able to tell Sara, all the good times with her Mother.

How to tell Sara her mother died for the cause of life, to bring the very child inside of her to this world.

There I was on that bench with that same blank stare I had once shown 10 years ago.

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