Born To Ride

I pulled on my boots, and I was ready to ride. My motorcycle with it’s familiar rumpa, rumpa. rumpa, sat warming up. I swung my leg over the seat, and lowered myself onto the plush leather seat. I felt like a CEO , with my bike as my office. With my gloved hand I lowered my dark glasses.
Clutch in, boot engaged first gear, and I was off on another adventure.

Born To Ride

That is not just a bikers motto. That is the motto for all of our lives. But most of us just don’t know it. Riding a motorcycle is being free. With wind in your face, you learn that there is the gentle, caressing breeze, so like a kiss. The devil’s breath, as the hot wind tries to burn your skin. Mother Frost’s cold slap, that keeps you alert.

You learn that temperatures change as you climb, or can suddenly chill you when you drop into a gully. The sky is vast, and filled with wonders. Clouds perform their dance for you, as do the hawks and eagles in search of prey.

No. Born To Ride, is much more than just a saying.

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