One Last Trip Threw Memory Lane

“Do you remember the time I had knocked the baseball out of the yard and into Mrs. Woodlands yard Pa.”

“I don’t think she has ever brought back that ball to me.”

Nick and his father spent that evening reliving the moments of his childhood.

Helping his father remember all the memories he has forgotten.

Nick wasn’t the man to give up on his father, even though his father never knew who he was some times.
Nick always had to pretend to be someone else just to get close to him.

It wasn’t like his father was a mean old man and didn’t want to see anyone, but for he was scared of people helping him.

The man wanted to die his way, and not helped pushed there in comfort.

When Nick was little he never got to see his father as much as he would have loved. Since his father had duties in all sorts of the world.

Nick left home at the age of 15 to chase a foolish dream.
When Nick’s dreams of being a ball player came to an end, he attempted his best to reconnect with his father for one last time in his life.

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