“Look Mike. They’re bonding” said Caroline quietly, looking upon the figures of her son and Mike’s daughter. Mike smiled and took Caroline’s hand.

“I just hope they’re bonding in the right way. We don’t want them being a couple if they’re going to be steps. I wonder how they’ll react when we tell them” Mike replied, still looking at the small figures of the two children in the distance.

“Michael!! If they want to pursue their hormonal urges with each other, then we have no right to stop them! It’s their job as teenagers to be hormonal, and to want to experiment with people and become intimate. they’re not blood-related, and they certainly both need to grow up a little” Caroline said confidently.

“Ah, carrie, you spend too much time reading parent handbooks. Go with the flow! You don’t need to be perfect. Of course, you’re perfect to me” Mike said, kissing Caroline deeply.

Soon the two were giving the teens ideas they shouldn’t have about each other. They were about to be steps after all.

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