NaNoWriMo Novel: Bad day

My skirt sways as the warm summer air blows. I am walking home from my first day of school on my senior year, and what a first day it was. I had a ride home, until I got in a fight with her. I know, who gets a in a fight with her ride on the first day? Me. On top of that, all of my teachers stink. I already have homework. It is the first day of my senior year and I have homework. On the Brightside though, it is a good day to walk home and I don’t live that far from school.

Reaching my house, I see both of my parent’s cars in the driveway. They are usually still at work. Confused, I walk into my house.

“Mom? Dad?â€? I yell into my house.

“In here honey,â€? I hear my mom say from the living room.
I drop my backpack by the door and walk into the living room. My parents are sitting together and holding hands. They both look very concerned.

“Sit down Hazel,â€? My dad says.

“Did someone die?â€? I ask. It seems so.

“No, no one died. We just need to talk to you.â€?

“Oh… ok,â€? I sit on the couch.

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