==nice try==


Wait.. I felt that..

Something sharp was digging into my shoulder, and I pulled at whatever it was. Wait.. I could move now too?

Hey! I tried to shout out, Hey, stop that, it hurts!

The sharp thing, whatever it was, kept twisting deeper into my arm, ripping and tearing its way. I felt the warm blood pouring down to my fingertips and dripping to the ground. The pain was unbearable, but at least I wasn’t completely controlled anymore.

Who was holding the knife though?

A guard, maybe?

I could control my movements now, if nothing else.

Grabbing the hand that held the sharp object, I bent back one of the fingers. I heard a snap.

Yes, I was coming back! I could hear!

I’d overcome the commands, I’d finally been able to control. There was nothing that could stop me now.

A sort of weird shock went throughout my body, and I fell.

The voice said faintly, Get back up, but I was paralyzed.

Someone tied a cord around my wrists again, and said, “Nice try, Joe.”

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