With the Silence of a Friend Comes the Shocking Truth From Elsewhere

So now that Seth knew I could hear his every thought, he has been quite silent in his head, watching his every thought. I kind of missed hearing himself gush about me.
Plus things were now incredibly awkward between the two of us, considering I knew that he liked me.

So for right now, I was alone again while Seth refused to speak to me. I searched everyone’s minds inside and out to hear something that would be big enough to save me. To get everyone to forget that I killed Bianca.

For them to move on.

So far…I got nothing.

Then…period 3-4 came along, my social studies class…I head something no one wants to hear in school.

Heh, Eliza thinks she’s so tough making fun of me. She’ll see soon. I’ll make sure her death is the most painful then. I think I’ll stab her…that’ll be pretty painful…

My mouth dropped. It was Cody that thought those things. I mean, I had always joked about him coming in school and shooting people.

Never knew he’d be serious.

Things have gotten serious.

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