Gold Shines Brighter At Night

There’s no taking it back now. I just said those three words I swore I would never say until I meant it. Well, do I? Is this really what love feels like? Someone needs to answer my question, and quick!

“Oh! Hmm…” His hands, interlaced with mine, there’s nothing that can separate us this time. His eyes, staring down at mine, and all I can see is love. He leans in closer, and then closer. Before I know it, our lips are locked, and I feel like… like I’m going to melt. I am right here in his arms, and I now know I can never get any closer to perfect. I never want anything to change, I never want it to end…

I will stay here for as long as time permits. Your stares, your claws have nothing on me. You can’t bring me down, so don’t even try. I am invincible, for I am in love!

Your laughter, your glares can never tear us apart. It is my love to hold, to kiss, to love.

Hmm, I guess someone did answer me…

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