Fate Unkown II

The gun boat shot like a bullet between the canyon walls, making sharp turns to avoid a collision.”I’ll be okay,” I repeated in my mind.
“Here we go guys!” Called a voice from the back. The canyon walls disappeared and the air filled with the sounds of war as we zipped just over the heads of our soldiers. It was a brilliant, yet horrifying scene. Familiar faces creeped between heavy machines that launched blue orbs of plasma towards a sea of red eye’d beings, who to my dismay, shot in our direction. A heavy hand grabbed my shoulder.
“Get your head down!” cried the gunner next to me, “We’re almost in firing range.”
A red light clicked on above my trigger handle, and all the sounds around me were lost to the roar of 13 high energy chainguns. The little view I had was of red eye’d soldiers in white body armour. Some unloading on our speeder, and some being torn to shreds. “Shoot Andrews shoot!” screamed the leader. There was a sharp “ping” of metal on metal.
“GRENADE!” screamed the man to my right.

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