Accursed Forsight

“But another question is,” Fourth interjected seriously, “what about the Premiere’s conduct?” A murmur rippled through the group. “Think about it,” he continued, “he’s gone to desperate lengths to find two teenagers. Does this not strike anyone as extremely rash? I mean, he’s proven maturity, the Commissioner himself said so, but could this fiasco be showing his true colors?”
“Are you speculating that fact so you can move up?”
“Everyone from myself up would rise a rank if the Premiere was dropped.”
“Enough!” The ten jumped. “You’ve brought up a good point, one that I hate to admit I’ve been thinking about myself. As both his superior & his father, Henry’s conduct has worried me. I wouldn’t readily admit it to him, but he has made some very rash mistakes.”
“So what do you propose to do about it?”
I pressed my fingertips together. “Let us focus on eradicating the rest of the Resistance,” I began. “After that, we shall turn our attention to Henry’s… fate.”

I barely hid the smirk that slunk across my lips.

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