Not Looking Back/ so Long, Farewell

You thought we were close,
and we were….sometime ago.
But you proved yourself not worthy of my trust.
I played down my hurt,
Cuz I didn’t want to lose you,
But I don’t care,
no I don’t care, anymore.

Cuz, tell me…

How am I to trust,
when my secrets are being told?
And who the heck are you,
to be choosing who knows?
Well know for sure,
I ain’t coming back to you.

We were the best of friends,
‘Till I found out,
that time and again,
You couldn’t keep your mouth shut.
It’s none of your business,
to be tellin people my things.


So farwell,
So long,
I ain’t lookin back,
No, I ain’t comin’ back.
Bon voyage.
I must take leave of you now,
So, go, go on now.

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