NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.2 No More Boys

I stumble into my bathroom and look into the mirror. The bags under my eyes are apparent and my eyes are all red after crying so much. I feel freedom less, like part of my life is now meaningless. There is no more dating, no more gossiping about boys and no other boys really period.

The hot water hits my back, and I start to feel a bit better. The hot water always seems to fix everything. After about and hour though, I realize I have to get out and get ready for school and I feel terrible again. This is definitely going to be a long day.

I come down the stairs with jeans and a baby doll tee that I just threw on. My blonde hair is tied up in a messy pony tail and my make up is a mess. I moan as I see Amber coming down the stairs in a skirt and a tank top as happy as can be. She is humming to a song I can not name, but it is really cheerful.

“What?â€? she says.
“Nothing,â€? I say back in an even tone. I don’t want to spoil her happiness.
“Hey Amber?â€? I ask in a nice tone like nothing is wrong.

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