NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.2 Hot guy Distraction

“Yes,â€? She says in a sing song voice. What a dork.

“Can you not talk about the arranged marriage at school?â€?


“Can you please just not?â€? I snap back.

“Ok, just chill.â€? She says and then there is a honk of the horn.

“See ya sista.â€? Amber says as she walks out the door.

I grab a pop tart and put in my ear buds. I turn on my iPod, Put on sunglasses, and step outside. Birds are chirping and the air is nice and warm. Cranking up my iPod to some rock music, I began my walk. Walking like a robot, I reach school before I know it and walk to my locker. While getting things ready for my classes, I notice someone looking at me in the distance. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is totally muscular. I sigh and snap out of it, I can’t date guys anymore anyways. He starts to walk towards me and I slam my locker shut in a hurry. I walk fast to get him off my trail and he looses me.

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