I got tired of running. Slowing to a walk, I turned around. There was no cave—why had the woman sent me away? Frowning, I began the walk back to where I’d left. When I got there, the man; wait, seriously, was his name Joe or not?! was tied up.
I heard him speak up, heard him say, “Lady, my name’s not Joe. It’s Grant, okay? Deal with it.” I watched her take his pocketknife from him. The Taser was lying on the ground a few feet away, smoking. I stared at in incredolously- had she really shot him with that thing? I winced at the thought.
Suddenly Grant looked up. I stared at him when suddenly I was grabbed from behind. I shrieked, and the woman lunged for whoever was dragging me away. Trying to kick at this person, it got me nowhere.
A dirty rag was pushed to my nose. I fought with it, but heard someone say to me, no, not me, somebody, “It’s chloroform on that rag. She’ll be knocked out soon- put a new pair of cuffs on her. We need to get away from here fast as we can..” And slowly I began to fade ‘way.

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