Blessed and Accursed Voices

It was getting hard… to keep conscious…

The gag… Couldn’t they take it off for just one second? One breath… All I needed…

And those STUPID wires tied around… They hurt… I couldn’t feel my fingers… Were they…?

Ugh… Anything would be comfier than this chair.. A nice bed… Warm… So easy to sleep…


Just close my eyes…



The door!

Whose… whose hugging me?

“EZRA! You’re safe!â€?

LILY ! I tried to answer, but all that came out was a garbled “WUWY!â€?

The gag! I could breathe! Gratefully, I sucked in the fresh air.

And then I could see! My eyes hurt from the sharp beam of light in the doorway, but I saw Lily and Paulie as they undid the Tite-Ropes.

My hands and my feet! My grateful expression must have been evident as I felt circulation in my limbs again.

“We’resogladwefoundyoubuthurryupthePrimiremusthavegoneforhelp! Hurry!” Lily gushed, and I was quickly carried out the door.

Until that stupid voice stopped us in our tracks once again.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

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