I Just Don't Know..

I typed in my password, and clicked ‘Log In’. I waited as my buddy list loaded, and quickly looked under my “Guys” section. Ugh. James wasn’t on. Probably for the best; I wasn’t sure what to say. I couldn’t think of what else to do, so I logged out, and turned off my computer. I lay back down on my bed, closing my eyes. My stomach rumbled beneath me. I was starving. I refused to eat, however. I was on a starvation diet, yet I lied when anyone asked me about it. I looked at my cell phone; it read 9:15. I decided to shower and go to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. As the hot water hit my back I seemed to relax, but after a half hour, I figured it was time to get out. Relectuantly, I shut off the water and grabbed my towel. I dried my hair, took out my contacts, and wandered off to bed. I fell asleep almost inmediately; no dreams would take me away tonight. I was vaugely conscious of the fact that my dreamless sleep was the result of the sugar “malfunction” I created before. Oh well. Not my problem..

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