One by one,the faceless goverment soldiers took their places.One by one,their masked faces turned toward the rowdy crowd of students,anarchists,and communists in front of them.The soldiers took their places behind makeshift concrete barriers as jeers and a few rocks rained down upon them.

The soldiers raised their automatics as the order came from behind the line.In front of them,a few of the less dedicated slinked back to whatever backalley they had crawled out of.

The shots rang out like cracks from a judges gavel,and many of the protesters fell to the ground clutching many wounds. The faceless soldiers didnt even flinch,they simply continued firing into the fleeing people.

Not many survived the Times Square Massacre,but a few managed to even through the goverments ruthless efforts to hunt them down.They missed one, though. One that they should have gotten.An anrchist had managed to slip away,and it would come back to haunt them.

His name was unknown to the soldiers,they simply knew him as Face.

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