Detective Challenge - Winners

Since finally I was again able to log, here are the prizes. **
Detective Keen walked around the desk, thinking nervously. The Vixens, now back to their senses, sat merrily at the “girl friday” desk waiting to type out the results.

“Although I enjoyed the three branches, I must admit how Mistress Elsha’s branch was… well, the more intriguing. Still, I grant Mad as an Hatter a special award for Nadja’s character”

“I’m jealous sick!”, pouted Miss Grant, still the most “active” of the Vixens “I could give Keen so much…”

While the other Vixen brought her away, Keen continued “So, we’re left with the Best Storyline Award. That’s for Elsha. Miss Blue, please…”

While the bombshell brought the winner her award, Keen continued

“The Best Character is for Orange… Dr.H is sure the best evil scientist ever. And no, Miss Blue, you can’t take him home, sorry…”


“I almost liked you more when you had no tongue. Almost…so, stop playing with him and go to la pianista…the Twist Ending prize is hers

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