Inside The Fog

Adelina waited for the flashback, any flashback, but ther was nothing… The silence was still silent and the darkness was still pitch black.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Flush. Tock.

She felt extremely groggy, and could only heard a few subtle background noises, as is they were recordings, reminding her of hear impending…

Soon, she saw a faint light fall through a window somewhere, moonlight she guessed. She could see the silhouette of a shelf, a dresser, and a mess of other familiar objects. Oh! She was lying down, in bed, but this wasn’t her bed. It couldn’t be, it didn’t feel right.

She heard a door slam, loudly. There were footsteps and a crash. Scream.

That scream filled her with fear, as if it were her own. Someone was terribly hurt, and someone else was doing the hurting.

The footsteps seemed to turn around, and start moving towards her.

She counted the seconds as she held her breath. She could feel it. Somthing bad was about to happen, something she would never forget…

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