NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.3 Tour

Dang, what is my problem today? I think to myself. I take a deep breath and calm myself. My sister had been right. Both Ashton and Edwin were extremely good looking. Somehow, they seemed older and much more mature then only 17. Maybe that’s what is throwing me…I reasoned.

“I hope my sister has been kind to you both.â€? I say sweetly, turning on my charm. Hey, I my as well have fun with this.

“Oh, she most definitely has!â€? Edwin assures me.

“Has she shown you the house yet…?â€? I ask.

“No…â€? He says taking a step closer to me. Suddenly I was conscious of the fact that he never let go of my hand. I grasp his hand tighter and lead him out of the kitchen to the stairs. I barely notice the smug look on my sister’s face as we leave.

“I’ll show you my room first… But be warned, it’s a little messy since all of my sister’s stuff was moved in.â€? I say, making a right at the top of the stairs and leading him to the door at the end of the hallway.

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