Face had escaped through any means possible. He had vaulted over fences and through the trash filled back alleys of what used to be called New York. Now the regulars just called it the Stop, as most people tried not to spend any length of time there.

Face had lived at the Stop all his life though, his parents having come here during the glamour years of the Broadway lifestyle. Now Broadway was a length of closed down theaters and dilapidated old music stores. Dilapidated just like the rest of the Stop.

He ran down a length of alley, fully confident in his ability to evade the faceless soldiers. Face smiled ruefully as he launched himself vertically onto a fire escape as soldiers entered the alley behind him. He crawled nimbly up the ladders as the soldiers cursed beneath him.

Face vaulted onto the rooftop and ran quickly across it, taking a moment to observe the fantastic view offered by the high perch. He smiled as he dropped from view down the opposite side.

This city would soon burn by his hand

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