NaNoWriMo Novel: Ch.3 All Dressed Up

The next morning I get up to Amber’s alarm, which is set 15 minutes earlier then mine usually was. Thankfully I had showered the night before, since Amber and the two boys are now fighting over the bathroom. I use the time to pick out my favorite blue blouse and steal one of Amber’s skirts.

I walk down stairs, a surprising bounce in my step. I grab a bagel from the fridge and the cream cheese. I am just finishing my bagel as Amber and the boys come downstairs.

“Is that my skirt?â€? She says, not entirely mad just kind of shocked. I only rarely borrowed her stuff and that was to dress up for a boy.

“Yeah, I was going to ask you, but you were in the shower still…â€? I say sheepishly. “You’re not mad are you?â€?

“Nah.â€? She shrugs. “Ready boys?â€?

With that, she turns on her heel and heads for the garage door.

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