Worse Things to Be.

Sitting, Chloe embraced the cold, wetness of the road. She knew she would have to get up, but felt solace in the road. Many people just cross roads, never appreciating the beauty and security that it has. Chloe was safe. Her umbrella protected her from the evils of the world, of the unknowns. Here she was numb. Maybe it was from the cold, or maybe it was from the boring life she lead. Everyday, passing people she was unnoticed. Not today. Today she was no longer invisible. Yet, she still felt empty. She knew the inevitable. So as she sat comtemplating her death, she realized there are worse things to be. She could be a person surrounded by people who pertend to love her. Granted, Chloe felt unloved and useless, but her life was not a lie. Just because she did not have excitement everyday and felt alone, she knew we are all alone, but we are alone together. In this hectic life, we pass each other. We all feel minimal. As this moment of clarity made her feel more alive than anything could, she got up and lived.

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